Shoes Trends 2011

What's in, what's out

What's in, what's out

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What's in, what's out

Sneakers are out of fashion. So are shoelaces. Polka dots and animal prints are this season's rage. Structured shoes with the Peter Pan look of early '50's is also popular. Italian heels are always popular as they blend in with both salwar kameez and western wear.

Slip-ons are all time favourites and comfortable for the feet. Stiletto boots with velvet lining are a rage in the North of India and Bangalore but have not gained much popularity in trendy Kochi. Retro pumps and kitten heels in denim embellished sequins and beads are also popular. So folks What's wrong with that? If it is alright to have many clothes, why not shoes, why the hypocrisy?"
Cut Out Shoes
There’s no better way for your feet to survive the heat of summer than with built-in ventilation. Luckily for all of us, shoes with cutouts are not only functional but a huge trend as well. Wear them alone in the summer and with socks and tights for spring and fall to get more wear out of them.
Miss Sixty, $92, from $155;  Nine West, $119.
Colorblock Shoes
Why stick to one color for footwear when everyone knows that more is more? The graphic colorblock shoe trend has been seen on runways and celebrities, so we think it’s time you take your shot at it. There’s no better way to step into spring than with any one of these fun options:
Opening Ceremony, $545; Nine West, $89.
Perforated Shoes
Once designated for only sportswear, perforated accessories have made a fashionable debut in a major way. It’s the perfect material for transitional seasons and a sophisticated and effortless way to add some texture and interest to your shoe collection.
Elie Tahari ($318 from $398); Topshop ($65)
Whether you prefer the wedges or the classic flats, these straw styles are the ultimate summer shoes. Throw them on for a rooftop movie or a stroll along the boardwalk and you’ll be effortlessly prepared for endless summer.
Rachel Roy ($139), but get 30% off at checkout + free shipping (!), J.Crew ($118)
Nude Shoes:
If you haven’t already heard, the hottest color of the season is not even a color at all, which is perfect because it makes your legs look hotter no matter what your skin tone. Score!
Dolce Vita ($179); Topshop ($210)
Flat Sandals:
Strappy sandals are a summer must, but finding comfort without sacrificing style can be a mission impossible. These are on-trend and totally comfortable too.

o always stay in a rushing stream of fashion one needs to know the trends. Taking into account the fact shoes are no less important than garments it is esential to know the shoe trends for the upcoming season – Fall/ Winter 2010/ 2011.
Fur boots. Winter is cold in majority of countries around the globe, so fur boots will certainly become a hit. No girl will ever refuse to wear stylish boots like Chanel or Lanvin’s.
shoe trends fall winter 2010 2011 fur boots
Laced-up boots. Laces are getting very popular. So, laced-up boots trend comes as no surprise to us in Fall/ Winter 2010/ 2011. Such footwear is very comfy and looks great, but taking it off can be a problem.
shoe trends fall winter 2010 2011 laced up boots
Shoes with buckles. ‘The more buckles the better’ sounds the slogan for Fall/ Winter 2010/ 2011 season. Buckles look interesting and provide great support and fixation for the foot. However, they bring the same problem as laces – it takes time to pull them off.
shoe trends fall winter 2010 2011 buckle boots
Stiletto shoes. Stilettos aren’t always easy to sport but the fact they look gorgeous is undeniable. That is why if you feel you can walk on super tiny heels this shoe trend is everything you might want.
shoe trends fall winter 2010 2011 stiletto shoes
Both shoes and boots can come with spike heels. They look feminine and totally stylish.
shoe trends fall winter 2010 2011 stiletto boots
Chunky heels. Although stilettos look glamorous chunky heels are much more comfortable. And plenty of women prefer being safe and comfy rather than sexy and scared of falling down. So, chunky heel is one more shoe trend for Fall/ Winter 2010/ 2011 season.
shoe trends fall winter 2010 knee high boots
Wedges. The popularity of wedges has already faded but their practicality still makes designers pay attention to such kind of shoes. If you are a fan of this shoe trend, go ahead and purchase one more pair of pretty wedges.
shoe trends fall winter 2010 2011 wedges
Thigh-high boots. Thigh-high boots were a hugefootwear trend last season. We have seen celebrities and ordinary girls wearing these everywhere. And luckily such boots are going to be still hot for Fall/ Winter 2010/ 2011, too.
shoe trends fall winter 2010 2011 thigh high boots
High heel + High platform. This shoe trend isn’t for girls who love looking womanly. But it does look chic and intriguing.
shoe trends fall winter 2010 2011 heel and platform
Combination of colors. To brighten up our footwear designers have chosen the technique of combining colors. Yellow goes together with brown, red is mixed with pink. More variables are possible. Just look at Balenciaga shoes!
shoe trends fall winter 2010 2011 combination of colors

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