Know the Latest Outfit Trends in Pakistani Fashion 2011

Pakistani fa

shion is famous for its colors and Asian trends. ThePakistani f

ashion designers have worked really hard to establish the Pakistani fashion industry. The article below will summarize the latest outfit

trends in Pakistani fashion 2011.

The year 2011 will be the dynamic year in the Pakistani fashion since the combination both western and eastern outfits will be introduced with sizzlin

g variations

by Pakistani fashion designers.

Poppy shalwar kameez: The poppy shalwar kameez is made of jamavar binarsi febricity have v lined beck which is decorated with the beads. Its lower is plain but the top above waist is embroidered heavily. This is the best addition in today’s Pakistani fashion 2011.Multi mailesa shalwar kameez: The multi mailesa shalwar kameez is made of black chiffon. it have the spaghetti straps over its top.It have v lined shape neck with the high collers.The collars are also well embroidered. It’s introduced i


stani fashion 2011 with the black color mainly.

Black unze shalwar kameez: The black unze shalwar kameez is the most attractive one in Pakistani fashion 2011 since it’s made of black glamour’s chiffon. Having very delicate silver embroidery over shoulders, back and ham line. This addition is a must in your

wardrobe if

you follow Pakistani fashion 2011.

Pale green mala

: The pale green m

ala is made of royal chiffon. Its a shirt having pipelined edges .The neck ,Hamline are heavily

Black Chi

ffon Doubl

e Shirt with Machine Resham Work on Bodice



e S
uit Red & Black

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